Cosmic Soul Crystals est. April 7, 2021 in Los Angeles, CA.

 Hello new friends! Our names are Kevin and Nina the owners of Cosmic Soul Crystals. We are a two-person team based out of Orange County, CA.  

 We are absolute crystal and dog lovers who own two Corgis by the name of Jacob and Bella! (Yes, they were named after the Twilight series) LOL! We are also expecting a new member to our team, our sweet baby girl "Baby Cosmic," expected arrival September 2023.  

 How Cosmic Soul Crystals Started + Why

Long story short, a close friend of ours performed reiki on the both of us to help release some tension and we noticed that she had some crystals in her bag, a Rose Quartz, an Amethyst, Green Fluorite, Blue Apatite, and a Clear Quartz. Right away, we were drawn to the various shapes, colors, and their beauty… We then began started searching for all their different healing properties- and there it was, the start of our crystal journey!

Through that process, we found our crystal collection growing overnight. Not just for the sole purpose of their looks, but how they have helped us to feel better and overall happier. 

For us, the love for crystals and us working on our mental health was more than enough for the year 2020. Edward (our fur baby at the time) and Bella were also happier because their dog pawrents had more energy to walk and play with them too lol.

 As you all know, 2020 was a challenging year for many of us. As our world took a shift, many were left distraught. We turned to crystals with hopes that it would help to alleviate some of the stress and anxiety we were suffering from in our everyday lives. To our surprise, crystals have served as an outlet for us to navigate through these emotions.

That is why we wanted to create a safe and happy place where we can share with you all our love and passion for crystals. A place where you guys can come hangout with us, with the intention of pairing you with the perfect crystal!

We opened up our shop April 7th, 2021 and it has been such an amazing experience for all of us thus far. We have made meaningful connections within the crystal community. Most importantly, Cosmic Soul Crystals has really fulfilled the missing piece in our lives, and that is why we hope to continue to add to our collections and much more!


Kevin, Nina, Jacob, Bella and soon to come Baby Cosmic ♡