Please keep in mind that the metaphysical healing properties of crystal(s)|stone(s) listed in our product descriptions are written and curated by us, using our own research/personal experience, and can not be scientifically verified.

We DO encourage individuals to do their own research on crystal(s)|stone(s) and their metaphysical healing properties themselves, to come up with crystal(s)|stone(s) that resonate with them and their meanings. 

Here at Cosmic Soul Crystals we do recognize the power of precious stones in healing the mind and the body. However, we DO NOT guarantee results with any crystal(s)|stone(s). We DO NOT recommend you to use the crystal(s)|stone(s) as a substitute for medical care or to heal any physical/mental maladies. 

Crystal(s)|stone(s) are sharp or can become sharp if shattered/broken. Which may cause bodily injury if mishandled. We highly suggest to handle crystal(s)|stone(s) responsibly and with care when using or unboxing. 


NOTE: Our photos are taken with a iPhone 13 Pro Max or Sony handheld camera, under studio or natural lighting. We do our best to get an accurate representation of our product(s). Please keep in mind that sometimes when a photo has been resized, or depending on what type of device is being used to view our product(s), different settings/monitors can and will vary in color.